Festival Theme

Imagine future possibilities.

What we see, hear and feel can shape our sense of self, our future, our community and the world around us.

This year at PAVE we ask you to see the beauty in life.
Natural environment. People. Art. Simple things as well as complex. Conceive ideas. Picture opportunities.

Enjoy the colour and form that visual artists present. Explore the artists’ intention and form your own impression of what was meant by the artwork. Experience what the art means to you. Take in the beauty, be challenged, allow yourself to change or form an opinion about how creative work relates to current affairs, history, progress and the future.

Music, lyrics, drama and spoken word provide clarity and perspective just as visual art does. It may not be what we see but what we hear that gives us the vision to help form opinions or make decisions. Listen deeply, watch intently, feel the emotion.

Enjoy the rich and interesting program with plenty to surprise and delight.